Butterfly Gardens for Summer

butterfliesSummer Gardens aren’t just for growing  vegetables, flowers, vines and shrubs. They also provide habitats for butterflies. These delightful creatures have a rather short lifespan and are attracted to vibrant colors and plants which provide nectar. Nectar is the primary food of butterflies and so it is best to do your research if your main objective is provide a butterfly garden in your yard.

Plants such as asclepias (also know as butterfly weed), salvia, butterfly bush, columbine, lobelia, monarda and many others will attract butterflies to your garden year after year. Scatter these flowers around the different gardens near your home’s windows and you and your family will enjoy hours and hours of entertainment when watching these delicate creatures. Be careful, however, not to use pesticides on this garden.  You want to attract butterflies to your garden – not poison them.

In addition to planting colorful plants containing nectar, you may also try putting out ripe fruit in areas of your garden. Butterflies are also attracted to the sun and will be much more apt to visit  those areas of your garden and yard that are warm and bright  than anything shady.

The last thing you should remember about butterflies is that they will need water somewhere close to the site where the butterfly garden will be placed. Many gardens now have water features in them.  Those which have a continuous flow are better in the long run as they do not attract mosquitos.

These flowers need not just be planted for the enjoyment of the butterflies, but also to adorn our tables. They bring a little of the outdoors into our homes with their fresh color and fragrance and are especially delightful when the weather outside is dreary and wet.

Planting a butterfly garden takes time and planning, but the rewards are by far the best by-product of the entire process.

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