Countdown to Planting

bulb-plantingIt’s now two weeks out from the end of the school year. My mind drifts from the curriculum I’m supposed to be teaching to a visual plan of my vegetable garden that continues to swirl around in my head. I have planted vegetables in the same garden plot for almost ten years now and have always rotated the location of each crop.  This year I’ve decided to try raised beds for my bush green beans and row crops. It will take some doing to get things just right, but I plan to do it a little at a time. Unfortunately my garden plot is not level and the fencing I have around the garden was not installed level either. This means that on occasion I come through the gate of the garden and see small furry critters scampering from under the leaves of rhubarb and under a gap where the fence doesn’t quite meet the ground. Irregardless, I was always taught to plant more than I could use.

I’ve also been reading up on garden structures to put in strategic sectors of the garden. I’d like to do more with companion planting and so I’ll be adding more flowers into the garden as the season progresses.    In the center of this vegetable garden I have thyme, mint, sage and oregano. Behind it is an already established bed of strawberries which do very well. Those two sections will remain the same, but just be trimmed back a bit. Last Spring I planted rhubarb and am waiting to harvest the first young stalks for cobbler and later for strawberry/rhubarb jams and pies.

Fortunately for me, my husband loves fresh vegetables and fruits, so whatever comes from the garden never goes to waste. My children also have the garden “genes” and this is a wonderful thing to see – especially when I know my grand daughters are also being taught early lessons in gardening. It will be another week or so before I can actually “play in the dirt”. I’ve planned to take pictures as I go and share them on the website.

This will be a 4-month process, but I think it will be good to document the process for future gardens. I’m looking forward to it.

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