Rainy and Cold – is this June ??

rain-gutterWell, here it is the first part of July and things have been VERY busy but not in the garden. Since it took me so long to get into the garden I threw out the idea of using raised beds and have set that idea on the shelf for the 2010 gardening season.  Our weather has been very rainy and cold and not conducive to growing tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions or many root crops. Now that July is here, I am hoping to have more warm and humid days – the kind that really make plants grow here in Southwestern Wisconsin.

I purchased Better Boy tomatoes and Green Globe peppers and then managed to find seeds for beans at a local store. The onion sets I found looked questionable, but I think they’re going to make it. I have had 3 pickings of everbearing strawberries and my one year old rhubarb plant gave up enough for one rhubarb pie. I know I should have waited, but it looked so good. Year three will certainly show promise on those and some others I plan to plant later this year.

The lilies I inherited from my parents are going strong – so strong as a matter of fact that it is time to thin them out.  I will leave that task until after the blooms are all spent. We will be having some work done to our home so I don’t want to risk having the contractors crush those plantings before they have a chance to establish themselves. Our 5 year old Yucca plant is in full bloom as I write this and is centered right in the middle of my perennial garden. It is surrounded by hostas, Italian chives, day lilies in several shades of yellow, orange and spotted orange. It is in desperate need of thinning and so that will be my next project to tackle.

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