What the “Hail” !!

If ever a growing season has had its ups and downs, the Summer of ’09 has got to take the prize. Cold, wet, rainy whether dominated May and June and we haven’t had a 90 degree day in July YET! This is definitely not the growing season that will go down in history as a great one by any means.  This past weekend we experienced a storm packing 80 mph winds, baseball sized hail and heavy gushes of rain falling sideways. Our roof will need to be replaced as well as one whole side of the house’s vinyl siding and 3 windows.

As bad as the damage was to the house, my poor tomato and pepper plants really took a beating. Now all I can do is look at these poor plants struggling to make it through what’s left of our season. The wonderful crop of apples on our two trees have been left on the grass below as food for the deer. Ears of corn in the local fields have been stripped from their host stalks and lay sideways indicating the path of the storm.

As bad as all this sounds, the resilience of our plants is still quite evident and I know that the hosta, which look more like Queen Anne’s Lace at the moment, will come back stronger than ever next spring.   Nature has an ingenious way of healing itself by adapting to the conditions and returning even stronger than its original sprouts. It’s what keeps me coming back morning after morning just to see what has happened while I slept. Hopefully, these little surprises of nature will continue to thrive despite our adverse whether conditions.

Here’s hoping that wherever your garden is growing – you have as much to learn as I have this season.

Happy Gardening !!

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