Winter’s White Blanket

istock_000011318136largeThis last week or so has come with a highly unusual weather pattern. Warm temperatures bringing rain for 30 hours straight. Then a period of dropping temperatures which formed a thin crust on the snow that was leftover. Add to that another 2 inches of snow and you have the most unique form of insulation for the plants below the surface. As harsh as the winter may seem to those of us above ground, Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom has created an intricate plan for those plants and animals that hibernate during the winter months.
As I sit here writing this post, I can see out of my window 2 tiny birds with feathers all fluffed up who are grazing on the bird seed that fills the feeders outside the kitchen window. Down below on the side of the hill with the sun going down are a doe and her offspring who are hunting for food wherever it is available. And to the lower side of the wooded area I see a host of rabbits darting in an out of a fallen tree. Their strong instinct to seek food and shelter is a form of entertainment for me and yet I know that this is a form of survival for them.
Even now I am anxious to supply them with food and shelter and will do what I can to help them through the winter. When Spring finally arrives and I can get into the soil, I will plant extra for these creatures and the cycle will continue.
I am reminded that it will be time to start seeds in less than a month by the arrival of seed catalogs in my large mailbox at the foot of our drive. Planning, planting, weeding, harvesting – the cycles of life are calling.

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