Gearing Up For Another Year of Gardening

Our weather has been anything but typical in Southwestern Wisconsin. Rain, turning to sleet, to freezing rain, to snow and back again. As much as I love “typical” winters, this one has been a little hard to swallow. We’ve had more “snow” days at my school than I’ve remembered for the past several years and yet one thing remains constant. I can always rely on the postman to bring the seed catalogs.

I spend hours “oogling” over all of the new hybrids, the old heritage lines and the way these companies combine plants and flowers to give new and old gardeners alike a fresh idea for their next project. To say that these catalogs save me from the winter blahs is probably a BIG understatement. It is hard not to be able to get into the yard and start planning and planting. But, I do enjoy the seasons and wouldn’t ever give them up. It’s kind of like a forced rest, but like all rests, I come into spring refreshed and ready to try something new.

I hope that you have experienced the same rest of which I speak. Watch for the crocus to pop through the snow – that’s my cue !!

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