New Plans For This Year

In the past few years – despite my best efforts- most of the plants I’ve planted in the vegetable garden have experienced little growth and the yields have been slight or filled with disease. After ten years of planting in the same plot, I’ve decided that it’s time to break new ground. I will be burning the remaining debris left from last year’s garden area and starting fresh. The new area used to be a circular piece of ground where we would have bonfires during summer nights. I’m hoping that we will be able to let the former garden plot sit for awhile and in a few years replant there.

The new area receives at least 6 – 7 hours of sunlight a day so this move should be a good one and I should be able to continue to plant warm weather crops around the end of May or beginnng of June. I’m really quite excited about starting over in a new area and will be taking pictures to keep a journal of my progress. In the meantime we will need to remove metal, and other non organic matter before planting. Since we live out in the country and deer are plentiful we will probably need to figure on some sort of fencing as well.

In addition, we’ve decided to spruce up other areas of our landscape. There will be several different projects which will probably take more than a year to complete. Retaining walls and raised beds along with the planting of some shrubs and other flower gardens are all in the plans. We’ll see how far we get.

Stay tuned for updates and happy gardening !!

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