One Garden Underway

Since I last posted, I’ve had a chance to work on the circular garden. We had several days of heavy rains and although it wasn’t terribly conducive to working in the garden, once it finally stopped, weeding was REALLY easy. The weeds just “gave up the ghost” without a fight. After removing a little over half of the weeds I found that the soil wasn’t as rich as I had hoped. Unfortunately even though the top 2 inches appeared to be good soil, the next 5 inches or so are definitely clay.

Just a few weeks ago I bought a push mower to replace one that finally “died” last fall and this one is equipped with a rear bagger. My plans are to use all of the collected grass clippings to put on the circular garden. It will take some time to lighten the soil, but I know it will work well to continue tilling this into the soil along with some manure and peat moss over time.

I had started tomato and pepper seeds back at the beginning of March and after our heavy rains I needed to get them in the ground. Currently there are 10 tomato plants in the ground. I still have 2 more to go plus 4 pepper plants. There will still be quite a bit more space that must be cleared and weeded. I have plans to add beans and also to alternate with a few flowers here and there.

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