October Still Bringing In A Good Harvest

Looking at the calendar, I couldn’t believe that here it is the middle of October and I still have peppers and tomatoes coming from the garden. The temperatures are cooling off at night and this week’s weather calls for 50’s for the daytime temps. I’ve only covered the tomatoes and peppers once this fall.

The 30′ round garden is 3/4 of the way cleared and I had tremendous yields (so far) with both the peppers and tomatoes. My total number of canned tomatoes for this gardening season stands at 54 quarts. This will provide our family with quite a bit of staples for chili, lasagna, spaghettic sauce and other tomato based foods.

As unlikely as it sounds my other big harvest has been from the Knock-Out Roses I planted in the foundation garden. During September they just shot up out of the ground with beautiful color and fragrance. I’m so pleased with the purchase of these 3 beauties. During next year’s season I’ll need to trim back the Moon Plant – as you can see I had to use my shoe to push the Moon Plant back so you could see the one rose plant.

Next year, I’ll need to thin out the perennial garden and get some of those lillies up near the left side of the foundation garden. Our two dogs love to lay in the shade of the house, so I’ll need to devise some sort of fencing to keep them out of there until the lillies can establish themselves. The plan for the perennial garden is still in my mind, but it is severely overgrown and in need of some attention now. I’m also hoping to finish the extension on the right side foundation garden. It will involve providing two good sized retaining walls in order to keep the land from washing away.

I figure the landscaping will be ongoing for several years, but as long as I continue enjoying the work – I’ll keep thinking up new projects. No signs of slowing down at this point !!

Happy Gardening

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