What’s With The Holes ?

My son came downstairs one morning last week and asked me, “What’s with the holes all over the front yard, Ma?” To my chagrin I realized that the moles had overtaken 2/3rds of the yard. As I walked out to get a closer look, my feet sank into the ground just enough to see that these industrious critters had made several tunnels circling the areas around our fruit trees and the flower gardens.

I understand that they are looking for grubs – which to them is a “delicacy” (UGH!) and can find them within 6 inches of the surface of the lawn. My guess is that if you got rid of the grubs, you could alleviate the mole/vole problem as well. But with two dogs who roam this same yard, I’m really hesitant to put any kind of poison down.

I’ve seen a lot of advertisements for eradication methods for both moles and voles – (don’t really know the difference between the damage each of these does) but never took much stock in it. When I was a kid we used to stick firecrackers in one end of their tunnel and set them off. (please don’t tell anyone !!) Or my brother would stick the garden hose a foot or so down into the hole and try to flood them out.

No matter what, it always seems like as soon as the 20 degree temps start, they dissapear. However, the damage that they inflict on the lawn is unmistakable.

Does anyone out there know if there really IS a method for getting rid of these burrowing critters? I’d love to hear it.

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