Keep It Growing !

If you’re like me when the end of summer comes, I go through a bit of withdrawal. I really like being surrounded by colorful flowers. Houseplants have their place and I have many of them in my home, but nothing replaces a combination of brightly colored blooms to brighten up a room.

Well, I’ve found the answer. I’ve discovered

    Aero Gardens

These are indoor, no dirt, seed propagators. Seed packet combinations for flowering plants are available in many different colors and textures. After planting, the device lets you know when to water and when to add nutrients. There are several different models to choose from and color schemes to brighten up any space. You can plant seeds to grow lettuce, herbs, start seeds for your spring planting or bring color into your home for those long winter months.

Along the sidebar of my website is a link to these terrific products. You can even ask to receive their catalog free.

Happy Propagating !

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