Waiting for the perfect day . . . and waiting, and waiting . . .

Again this year, the weather has been quite uncooperative. Rainy days, when I’m free to work, have kept me inside while the garden “screams” for attention. Last year’s dead leaves still lay next to this year’s new growth and my standing reservation for a rear-tined tiller at the garden rental shop is still “standing”.

The weather continues to be unpredictable here in Southwestern Wisconsin. Last Tuesday our temperature reached 91 degrees and last night we had a frost warning. However, this has not stopped me from starting my pepper and tomato plants which are enjoying steady temperatures and regular watering on my kitchen table.

We have decided to increase the actual planting area all the way out to the fencing of our 30 foot circular garden. We started with about a 3 foot grassy area between the fence and the plantings so we could get tillers and other equipment into it. But we’ve since decided that having to mow the grass of the perimeter of the garden is just plain extra work.

A new addition to the tomatoes, onions, peppers and herbs will be a raised bed or 2 of strawberries – an everbearing variety.

With 3 weeks left until school is out – my planner is already full. Now – Mother Nature – could you just find the water spigot and turn it off please???

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