Changing the Way Things Are Done

Ordinarily, we as human beings are a pretty staid lot. We like things done the same way, in the same order and using the same components. But sometimes Mother Nature throws us a curve and the need to adapt becomes the most important part of planning.

This year has been anything but normal. The spring has come late and with it there has been a lot of rain, wind and in some cases – hail. Usually my iris plants are blooming at Easter time, but yesterday was the first sign of color from them. My hostas are doing well now, but not after quite a bit of encouragement in the form of fertilizer and mulch. In a way this has been the ideal start to the gardening season for me. My school year ends this Friday at which point I can devote a lot of time to the gardens.

We have decided this is the year, we will borrow the skidsteer and carve into the earth to finally put our retaining walls in. The rain has made it mandatory that we finish this project this year. Cost will be a factor, but in the end we need to put in 4 retaining walls to preserve the integrity of the parking area and to make sure we don’t have a mudslide into the propane tank.

I plan to take pictures as we go. (It always encourages me when I watch the HGTV shows and see how much better everything is when they show the BEFORE AND AFTER pictures.)

Happy Gardening !

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