Growing like crazy!!

My $10 Wonder Machine!

We have had a series of 90 degree plus days with humidity levels that are off the charts !! As uncomfortable as that is for us – my plants are just thriving in these conditions. The tomatoes especially have grown like crazy. An hour or so of watering every 2-3 mornings has kept the ground moisture in good shape – even though we haven’t had rain in 10 days or so.
Just before the hot spell arrived – I spread mulch under each cucumber, pepper. strawberry and tomato plant and this has really helped to keep the moisture in the soil. I just picked 2 – 9″ cukes and plan to make cucumber salad for supper. The tomato plants have golf ball-sized green fruit on them which is great considering I didn’t plant until the 3rd week in June. This is absolutely the latest planting I have attempted, and still, remarkably, come out of it with produce.
The moon plant in the front of the house has spread from 1 foot in circumference to a 5 foot by 4 foot BUSH!
My secret weapon is a cultivator my husband picked up at a sale. He is very handy with mechanical things and the sign on the machine said – “DOESN’T WORK”. So he paid $10.00 for it, spent an hour working it over and I now have a great cultivator which maneuvers in between all the tomato plants without harming them. It’s great.

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