Stocking Up For Another Winter

When I realized how long it has been since I’ve been back here, I just had to bring you up to date. As I told you back in July, the garden growth just went “nuts” with heat and humidity encouraging the plants to really soar. This year’s harvest includes 30 pints of salsa which includes both red and green tomatoes in the mix; 15 quarts of kosher dill spear pickles and 6 meals (and counting) of stuffed green peppers.

I wasn’t able to get to the store early enough to buy onion sets for this year’s planting, but there were enough “volunteers” from last year that I was able to make 7 braids to use over the winter. The only casualty this year was that I bought 3 strawberry plants and only one of them survived. But, if past experience serves, these hearty little “sweeties” will be back stronger than ever next year.

I used mulch on the gardens this year and that really helped to keep the weeds down. Since we live out in the country, we burn our trash, so we have 2 barrels full of ash to spread on the garden to winter over. Along with a slow-release fertilizer which I put on just before the first frost, the soil should be in good shape for next year’s garden.

I suspect we’ll have an Indian Summer here soon and then the last of the green tomatoes will come in to be included in a tasty casserole. A gardener never knows quite when the season will end and that’s a part of the fun of this hobby.

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