Take a Closer Look

In the past 20 years there have been studies done to test the fertility of soils around the world. The results are not good. Over-planting, massive amounts of man-made fertilizer, genetic seeds and air and water pollution have taken their toll on the lands that were once so pristine.
As a further influence of this disturbing turn of events, our food has become less and less nutritious. Fruits and vegetables are being picked before they peak of freshness to make sure they can be delivered to the grocer’s shelves at the precise moment that color and texture can be assured. This takes away the cellular nutrients of most fruits and vegetables. Others are dipped in wax or sprayed to preserve their color. But, those preservatives then enter our bodies where they do harm to our bodily systems.
It has truly become a vicious circle.
Won’t you please join the millions who are researching back to methods of gardening where chemicals are no longer used; where the soil is allowed to rest for a season and to rebuild. We can no longer continue to deplete our Earth of the elements that have sustained us for millions of years.

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