To Seed or Not To Seed ???

My father was my inspiration when I finally moved into a home with a yard big enough to plant a garden. I remember him pouring over gardening seed catalogs until he could barely keep his eyes open at night. He wanted to find just the right variety with the right exposure, disease resistance, height and spread dimensions and germination time. As an architect, I would expect nothing less of his preparations. His gardens were always meticulous and his notebook full of daily entries has continued to be an inspiration to me.
I happen to be partial to a certain group of seed companies and have pledged my allegiance to them for 30 years now. It may appear pompous on my part, but I can tell, when I’m biting into a freshly picked Big Boy Hybrid from Burpee Seed Company that this is exactly what I waited 80 days to treasure.
I have made my trips to the Big Box stores after the deer got into my well-planned rows of seedlings and left nothing but footprints and . . well, compost for next year’s gardens in their wake. When these plants are first brought out and assembled nicely in rows or on tables, it is easy to pick them out of a “line up”. But, over time, as these plants are picked up, inspected and repositioned in another zone of the gardening fare, it can be downright impossible to figure out why there is a plastic “California Wonder” stake stuck in the broccoli plants.
As for me, call me a “snob” if you wish, but I figure when you get to be my age, you are entitled to play favorites. I’ll start my seeds in February under the fluorescent lights, thank you very much!
Happy Gardening!

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