Nature’s Best

On a recent visit to a friend’s home, I was introduced to a very new and different kind of Christmas ornament. The mainstay of materials is actually barbed wire. As unorthodox as it appears, it is really quite inventive. Once the barbed wire is “tamed” into a circular design, different natural items can be added to it. I have seen it adorned with cranberries, western handkerchiefs, holly and a number of assorted materials.

This is a true testament to the ingenuity of folks who are just looking for the “right touch” to decorate their homes. These folks are farmers and ranchers and it makes perfect sense that something that is so utilitarian can also be made so beautiful.

I will be walking my land here in the next few days to see what I can find that might make a festive door or table ornament. Thank you Mother Nature for the abundance of possibilities !!

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