New Beginnings

I am very excited to let you know that very soon I will be starting a business using much of the garden art glass items I have made and placed around my property for many years. As I entertain guests and invite people into the gardens to see what is growing, I have been encouraged by many over the years to share the craft of glass stepping stones. Since retiring from teaching, I have had quite a bit more time to devote to this hobby and so now I will begin offering the stones and other “garden art” on a website which is in the works as I sit down to write this post.

Along with the stepping stones, there will also be outdoor garden twirlers and sticks. Many of these I have pictured on some of the older posts on this website and also on my blog which can be found at With each new year comes different creations along with some of the “tried and true” ones I have had for many years. This is all outdoor glass.

In the past 20 years, I have refurbished glass items for the home as well including transoms, windows and sidelights. With the current trend towards saving historical buildings in their original state, this has become very popular and one of my favorite work assignments.

I once had a client bring me a box of glass she had in her attic. When I asked her what this had been, she dug down in the box and found a picture of the transom where it had originally been in her uncle’s home. Her intent was just to give me the glass to use, but after discussing the contents of the box and the picture, we decided to rebuild the transom. The “new” transom hangs between her dining room and parlor – keeping a window to the past of the memory of her uncle’s old home.

As I get closer to the launch date, I will provide a link to the website where you can see some of my work, order glass items or contact me with a special project you have in mind.

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