Learning Never Stops – Thank Goodness !!

006Spring 2013 005Even though I am now retired after over 35 years as an educator, I am inspired by the fact that I learn something each day. For me this is a very special part of my life and what better way to continue with my education than to involve myself in something which I enjoy so much – my gardens.

It is the 1st of May and yesterday was GORGEOUS !! I spent most of the day in the gardens; pulling the mulch “blankets” off the knock-out roses, tilling and clearing off last years debris. I was pleasantly surprised to find some quite healthy buds in a bright red color peaking out of some of the old cane.

I have one mystery to solve with a rose which bloomed beautifully the first year I planted it, but since that time it has nice foliage but no blossoms. In an effort to revive it I have been pouring over rose books, blogs and how-tos for the past couple of months. At this point, I think the combination of sun exposure, adequate air flow and the soil itself are having a negative effect. A few years ago I had a garden which was rectangular in nature where I had planted quite a few of my vegetables. These plants were the heavy feeders like tomatoes, rhubarb and green peppers. Over the years, I had depleted the soil and no matter what additives I tilled into it at the end of each growing season, I just couldn’t get the soil healthy enough to raise crops. It was obvious that this space just needed a rest.

Eventually, I gave up on it and created a 30 foot diameter garden, much closer to the front door of my house, where I have had quite a bit of success. Perhaps now that it has had 3-4 years to rest, it would make a good place to transplant that rose. In addition to that, I have several different kinds of lilies that I inherited from my parents that are in severe need of thinning. I envision a very nice semicircular garden near the edge of my property where I can display all of these. The bright red to soft yellow colors of the lilies and perhaps a few annuals in blues and purples will be beautiful.

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