What A Difference A Year Makes !!

Re-reading through my previous posts, I came upon one I had written in July of last year. At that time I was really hoping that we would be getting some rain. The very thought of my TroyBilt tiller trying to cut through the dry, crusty ground was apparently too much for it. I remember trying to start it several times and each time I would get it going and shut off the choke, it would die. I know this is quite absurd, but I think, in a way, this machine was trying to tell me that it had no intention of fighting with those soil conditions.

Fast forward to almost a year later and every day for the past 9 days has either had rain, thunderstorms, high winds and rain or hail in the forecast. YIKES!! I started seeds in late February and those tomato, broccoli and pepper plants are all but growing out of the tiny 2″ X 2″ containers I used in the beginning. They have “hardened off” on my front deck now for a good week and are just itching to get their roots into some soil.

With a little luck this weekend might be my chance to get them in. However, in the interim between the first tilling of the 30 ft garden and now, I’ll need to go back over it and then rake the weeds out before setting in this year’s crop. At the end of last year my 2 foot fencing had seen better days and so I took it off the posts (between raindrops) this year and replaced them with 5-1/2 foot posts. I’ll be recycling the 2 foot fencing and putting up 3 foot fencing for this year. I am seeing quite a few more deer this year than last and even though all but the smallest ones could easily jump the fence, I’m hoping to have a little something left for canning in the Fall.

I’ll try to put up a few pics in the process. Nothing makes me feel better than to see a before and an after of the work done. It’s my own “pat on the back” I guess, for a job well done.

Here’s hoping your gardens are in and flourishing !!

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