Mother Nature vs. Me

This year has been a very difficult year for gardening so far. I didn’t get my seeds started until the end of March instead of the beginning of February. The long, cold spring has made it difficult to get plants into the ground without risking frost after planting. Then, once I got the plants in the rains came and came and came. At this point, the plants are in but are overwatered. A few good days of sun and wind will help tremendously.

I have tried something new this year. I planted sunflowers and according to the packet they will grow to be some 12 feet in height. Their seeds make great snacks and I love the way their heads follow the sun from sun up to sundown. They seem to be doing very well despite the soggy bed they are in.

Each day for the last seven I have looked at the garden from afar. There is no way to get into it to do any work and the beautiful red strawberries are just waiting for me to harvest. i am afraid by the time I get to them they will be mush instead. I had visions of making strawberry jam to have during the cold winter months, but now I don’t know how many more crops I can get.

Since I have a really hard time sitting still, I spent the last few days in my basement making garden stepping stones. These stones will be numbers 61 and 62 since I started making them some 8 years ago. Most of my friends and family have at least one or more in their yards.020


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