Steady As She Goes

I have noticed over the years that no matter what is going on in my life – career, health, family and social time, the garden represents a “constant” in my life.

The garden doesn’t know that there are work deadlines approaching or that it is time for those often dreaded annual series of medical tests.
It doesn’t feel anxiety when a mother watches her child go from experiencing the joy and togetherness of snack and nap time at the Day Care or play dates, to the stresses and sometimes cruel alienation which can come when striving to “fit in” with the middle school crowd.
It doesn’t deal with the uncertainty when a recently divorced or widowed individual is contemplating getting back into the “social” scene and the sometimes uncomfortable feelings that go along with it.

The gardens in our lives have a methodical regularity about them.
There is Spring when the plants come out of a well-deserved rest with renewed vigor and strength. Their newly formed buds are a herald of the beautiful colors and textures that are about to unfold. The anticipation brought on by the seed catalogs that we have paged through during the cold and dreary Winter months that reward us with seedlings – longing to put their feet into the soil outside.
Summer when the fruits of our labor reward us with bright colored flowers, textures to test the imagination and freshly picked fruits and vegetables that truly nurture both our bodies and our souls. Fresh air, labor that gives back more than it receives and that feeling of true accomplishment.
Autumn when the colors of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows signal a slightly different set of plant families who thrive in the cooler weather and shortened days. A chance to preserve and enjoy the harvest of late summer and early fall when soon the ground will freeze and begin its rest for the next season.

Perhaps it would be best when our human lives become too busy, too anxious and too stressful to remember Mother Nature’s rules. There is always time for growth; for labor; for appreciation and for rest in our lives. We just need to learn how to find it.

Here’s hoping you find your “constant”.

Happy Gardening.

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