Stained Glass Works By Rochelle

I have been making stepping stones with glass inlaid designs for close to 12 years now. In the last few years many people have asked me if I would ever consider making these and selling them. They can be rather time consuming – some of them have over 100 glass pieces in each stone.

I have gifted many of these concrete creations to friends and families. I started out using patterns but in the last 5 years or so, I get my ideas from magazines or suggestions from the people requesting the stones. They are a beautiful addition to flower gardens. When properly placed in the gardens you can step on them to get to your flowers without damaging the soil around the plants.

If you go to my facebook page, Rochelle Rochelle, and then click on the Stained Glass Works By Rochelle Page, you can see some of the 70-some stones I have made over the years. I do not have a website but check it out if you like. There is contact information there should you have any questions.

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