A Waiting Game

Usually I start my seeds in late February so that they have a chance to grow a hardy stem and hold their own when I harden them off outside. This year I was busy with other things and missed my February deadline. I decided that I would just get the plants at the nursery instead, but a friend of mine encouraged me to start the seeds late. Evidently he knew something I didn’t about this year’s Wisconsin spring weather.

Two weeks ago it was in the 70’s. People were out in their yards raking the dead leaves and cleaning out garden beds in preparation for the new plants to be put in. Joggers were out in shorts and some of my neighbors pulled their deck furniture from the storage shed, hosed it off and put it out.

Then came the chill. The nights went down into the mid 20’s and the highs were struggling to meet 45. Each day I would go down to my basement where my seedlings were warm and cozy under a fluorescent lamp. I would turn them each week to keep the stems straight and ready for transplant.

Today it is raining and the temps have barely made it into the low 40’s. As much as I would love to put the seedlings little feet into some prepared soil, I know they are better off remaining in the basement. According to the almanac our last expected frost is May 10th. So I will sit on my hands another couple of weeks and continue to wait until the time is right.

In the meantime I am keeping myself busy by re-potting my indoor houseplants – a chore which usually waits until after I have the outside gardens planted. I guess the next chore will be to change the spark plugs on the rototiller and mower. When Mother Nature finally starts the outdoor growing season weather, I want to be ready !!

Happy Gardening

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