Aloe Vera and Other Beneficial Houseplants

aloe-veraDo you remember the aloe vera plant on the kitchen windowsill at home? This succulent plant is great as an indoor garden plant and is hardy and easy to care for. Aloe is a great first aid remedy for minor cuts and burns, especially in the kitchen when cooking. To treat a burn simply cut a portion of one of the leaves off the plant and squeeze the inner gel onto the injured area. Repeated applications of the aloe vera will help heal and soothe the pain.
In addition to the aloe vera plant, an herb garden just outside the kitchen door is a convenient way to add the freshest flavor naturally many dishes. Add chives mixed in with cream cheese and spread on a bagel for a new twist to a breakfast favorite.
These herbs can also be dried and used for loose leaf teas. These teas provide a warm, relaxing beverage with  medicinal qualities.
Combining teas made from different herbs has a long and successful history in treating physical ailments and in many households the trend continues to this day.
Edible plants that you can grow indoors to aid in digestion are listed below.
* Anise can be used to aid in digestion and ease colic in small children.
*Coriander, is also used in helping aid in digestion, but also used as a tasty addition to salsa.
*Fennel oil can be used for increased milk production in nursing mothers.
There are many more herbs included in this area of medicinal plants. This list is just a brief look at some of their possible uses. Remember to always check with your doctor first before using any of these to make sure they will not negatively interract with any medications you are currently taking.

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